About Me

My name is Sam, which is short for Samantha, in case you thought it was short for Samuel, Samurai or Samwich.

I started writing children's books when my son was born in 2009. Before that, I did lots of other things. In no particular order, I've been a bookseller, art teacher, editor and barmaid. But being a writer is the best!

I live in Worthing, which is by the sea. The sea makes me super-happy! I like rock-pooling, collecting interestingly-shaped pebbles and eating sandy sandwiches – extra crunchy! I drive a yellow camper van called Daphne and grow vegetables and weeds on my allotment. I like rock climbing although there aren’t many rocks around Worthing. Except pebbles, but you can't climb pebbles.

Exciting update about me: I have just started training to scuba dive! Watch this space for photos of amazing sealife off the Sussex coast (or just maybe pics of me looking ill and terrified in a small boat in rough seas)!