Schools & Libraries

I am available for school or library events and I like to make my visits as fun and interactive as possible, to get the children really buzzing and excited about reading and writing! My visits are now being organised by Authors Aloud, and there is lots of information about my visits on my Authors Aloud page.

Age range

My talks and workshops are pitched for age 6–11, however I am happy to tailor the content for younger children if required. I try to be as flexible as possible!

Types of event I can offer


Whole school or year group assembly, with a PowerPoint presentation, which focuses on the joy of reading and how I became a writer. This also includes an ‘interactive reading’, where the children help me by calling out the sound effects as I read an extract from one of the books. These can be half an hour to an hour long, including a ten minute Q&A session at the end.


Creative workshops focussing on creating a comic strip using an extract from one of the books as inspiration. Children will look at some of the features of comic strips and create their own, adding speech, sound effects, etc.
I am also developing a new writing workshop focussing on plot creation, pitched at Years 5 and 6.
It is best to allow at least an hour for a workshop, although I will of course fit into the school timetable.

Library talks

Talk about the joy of reading and how I became a writer, followed by an interactive reading from one of my books. After this, I run an art activity where children can create their own weird and wonderful creatures!

Book signing

After all events I am happy to sign copies of my book for the children.

Prices and Booking

For information on pricing or to book an event, please contact Authors Aloud:

Telephone: 0797 608 2049

Web enquiry form: