Books for Younger Readers

If you’ve just started reading on your own and need some great books to read, you’re in the right place! Feast your eyes on this lot...

Nick Knight: Super Sub!

Gadzooks! Nick Knight is mad about knights. He wants to be a knight when he grows up and can’t see why his friend Joe loves football so much. But will he change his mind when he gets signed up to be a substitute in an important football tournament?

Race Ahead with Reading books provide the perfect introduction to reading chapters with brand new page turning reads in five short bite size chapters, to encourage children to take the driving seat with their reading.

Puss in Football Boots

When Jack asks his gran for a football kit, he is surprised to receive a cat instead. But Puss wants to help his young friend make his dream football team – all he asks for is a pair of football boots!

Hopscotch Twisty Tales combine carefully controlled text levels and word counts with highly entertaining and original stories, perfect for 5-7 year old children starting to read independently.

Don't Get in a Mess!

It's raining, it's boring! So the children get the paints out. Dad tells them not to get in a mess, but will they remember?

The Froglets series is perfect for children aged 5-7 who are reading on their own, with fun stories of no more than 200 words. Compiled in consultation with Catherine Glavina, Early Years Course Leader, The Centre for Professional Education, University of Warwick.