Darcy Dolphin

“Phee-wee, lovely humans! My name is Darcy Dolphin and I live on Ripple Reef with my family. I go to Ripple Reef School and my teacher says I have a Positively Mental Attitude. I love talking, playing with my friends Myrtle Turtle and Ozzie Octopus, and being helpful. Sometimes I am so helpful mum tells me to stop!

My Aunt Ditzy gave me a diary for my birthday, so put on your mask and snorkel and dive in to my adventures!”

The Darcy Dolphin series is illustrated by the crabulous Vicky Barker, and published by Egmont UK.

Book 1 - The Fintastic Diary of Darcy Dolphin

Phee-wee! This is my very first diary and I’m bubbling with excitement about telling you everything that’s been happening on the reef. I’ve had a WHALE of a time! First of all, I had to try and choose my PERFECT PET. It was loads harder than I thought! Then we had to audition for the school play, FINDERELLA. I really wanted to play the main role, but so did everyone else! And then everyone thought that the world was ending because of a strange RUMBLING noise on the reef – Detective Darcy to the rescue!

Book 2 - Darcy Dolphin is a Little Bit Magic!

Oooh, I'm just itching to tell you about my new adventures on Ripple Reef! First I had a new friend come to stay, Coral Crab. There was something a bit fishy about her, though! Then a pebble collecting craze hit the school and everyone had to have a Pebble Friend. What with all that excitement I nearly forgot about the Talent Show, that was being judged by a very grumpy celebrity judge!

Book 3 - Darcy Dolphin and the Best Birthday Ever!

Finally, my third diary, which has been marinating for a while, is out in the wild! It's the summer hols and I'm in my element, because this year I have joined the SEA TROUTS, which is a sort of club for kids and guess what, they are running a Lend-A-Fin competition! This means I get to be really helpful all the time! Find out all about my awesome Pet Exercise Classes, the risks of playing board games with sharks and how NOT to plan a party for your best friend! Will I win the Golden Woggle? Wait and sea...